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Regulations and Policy


Attendant Services Program Regulations
Regulations for Policy to foster the development of services to assist older persons and persons with disabilities to live independently.

Administrative Rules on Agency Designation (Effective June 1, 2003)
These administrative rules governing the selection of designated agencies outline the requirements an agency must meet in order to be designated (or re-designated), the responsibilities of agencies that are designated, and the process for designation, re-designation and de-designation.

Assisted Living Residence Licensing Regulations (March 2003)
Assisted Living Residence Licensing Regulations are to be used in conjunction with the Residential Care Home Licensing Regulations, all of which are designed to protect the welfare and rights of residents and to ensure that residents receive quality care.

Background Check Policy (Effective July 7, 2017)
This policy provides a consistent framework for background checks and describes when a background check is required, the elements of a background check and what is done if a background check reveals a potential problem.

Choices for Care 1115 Long-Term Care Medicaid Waiver Regulations (February 2020)
Vermont statutory regulations governing the process for providing Vermonters with equal access to long-term care through either nursing facility, home-based or enhanced residential care services consistent with their choice.

Developmental Disabilities Act of 1996 - Regulations Implementing  The regulations implementing the Developmental Disabilites Act of 1996.  They include definition of developmental disability, criteria for being a "recipient"; certification; application and notification; periodic review; recipients who are able to pay; special care procedures; complaint procedures and training.; The Regulations Implementing the Developmental Disabilities Act of 1996 is part of the Health Care Administrative Rules (HCAR).

Licensing Regulations for Homes for the Terminally Ill (October 2001)
These regulations are designed to foster personal independence on the part of residents and to ensure a home-like environment for people who are terminally ill.

Nursing Home Regulations (June 2018)
Licensing and Operating Rules for Nursing Homes: It is the purpose of these rules to implement state and federal laws governing the licensing, operation, and standard of care in nursing homes located in the State of Vermont.

Residential Care Home Regulations (October 2000)
The residential care home regulations are designed to foster personal independence on the part of residents and a home-like environment in the homes.

Regulations for the Designation and Operation of Home Health Agencies (October 2019)
This is the rules to implement State law governing the designation, re-designation, and designation revocation of, and the establishment of minimum program standards for home health agencies.

Licensing and Operating Regulations for Therapeutic Community Residences - March 1, 2022

Federal Regulation Ensuring Vocational Rehabilitation