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Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR)

VocRehab serves people with disabilities in Vermont who face barriers to employment. We offer free, flexible services to any Vermonter or employer dealing with a disability that affect employment and help VR consumers figure out what work will work for them through careful assessment, counseling and guidance from our expert staff. We partner with human service providers and employers across Vermont to help people with disabilities realize their full potential. We capitalize on our extensive networks in the employer community to create job opportunities and make good placements that match employer needs with jobseeker skills, and help employers retain staff with disabilities. We use our financial resources within Vermont communities to support our consumers as they transition to stable employment, and our employers as they try out new workers.

Visit the VocRehab Vermont website to find out more about:

  • Who We Are – Explore our values, results, future, staff, partners and policies.
  • Employers – Learn about our work with employers in Vermont through Creative Workforces Solutions (CWS).
  • Job Seekers – How can VocRehab help me find or keep a job?