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Category: Budget
Title File Category Date File Format
SFY211 BAA Testimony Testimony_SFY21_BAA_1.6.21_bk.pdf (193.44 KB) Budget February 12, 2021 PDF
DAIL Annual Report and Budget Testimony for 2021 DAIL_Budget_Testimony_SFY23.pdf (2.11 MB) Budget January 27, 2022 PDF
State Fiscal Year 2022 Budget Adjustment AHS-DAIL SFY22 Budget Adjustment Testimony 12.15.21.pdf (197.42 KB) Budget February 14, 2022 PDF
SFY22 Budget Adjustment DAIL Related Items FY22 BAA H.679 DAIL related items .pdf (1.22 MB) Budget June 14, 2022 PDF
Category: Informational Resource
Title File Category Date File Format
DAIL Organizational Chart Commissioner's Group DAIL_CommGroup_OrgChart_2.pdf (115.08 KB) Informational Resource March 9, 2022 PDF
Green Mountain Passport Flyer GMP_flyer_5-2018.pdf (206.51 KB) Informational Resource March 27, 2017 PDF
Helpful Acronyms List Acronyms_List.pdf (207.15 KB) Informational Resource May 16, 2017 PDF
2017 Business Excellence Award Announcement Guidelines and Application 2017_Business_Excellence_Release_Guidelines_App.pdf (992.11 KB) Informational Resource June 5, 2017 PDF
Vermont Recognized by AARP as 3rd Nationwide in the Delivery of Long-Term Services and Supports Press_release_VT_Recognized_by_AARP.pdf (41.53 KB) Informational Resource June 27, 2017 PDF
AARP Recognizes Vermont's Outstanding Delivery of Long-Term Services and Supports AARP.pdf (48.12 KB) Informational Resource August 9, 2017 PDF