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Category: Legislative Testimony
Title File Category Date File Format
Act 186 Timeline JenGarabedian_Act 186timeline_11223.pdf (104.02 KB) Legislative Testimony PDF
Vermont State Plan on Aging Summary Summary One-Pager of State Plan on Aging.2023_2026.pdf (328.71 KB) Legislative Testimony PDF
DAIL Overview 2023 DAIL Overview 2023.pdf (212.26 KB) Legislative Testimony PDF
Category: Board-Commission Information
Title File Category Date File Format
DAB_Agenda_020923 DAB_Agenda_020923.pdf (153.06 KB) Board-Commission Information PDF
DAB Payment Reform Update 2.09.23 DAB Payment Reform Update 2.09.23.pdf (346.61 KB) Board-Commission Information PDF
DAIL Advisory Board Agenda January 2023 DAIL Advisory Board_Agenda_011223.pdf (153.06 KB) Board-Commission Information January 12, 0023 PDF
Category: Department Report
Title File Category Date File Format
Money Follows the Person White Paper MFP_Cost_for_Success_Paper_vf1 (002).pdf (142.41 KB) Department Report PDF
MFP Cost for Success Executive Summary MFP_Cost_for_Success_Executive_Summary (002).pdf (95.84 KB) Department Report PDF
Category: Budget
Title File Category Date File Format
SFY24 Budget_Vantage Reports SFY24 Budget_Vantage Reports_0.pdf (974.19 KB) Budget PDF
Title File Category Date File Format
DAIL Press release, March 13, 2023 DAIL PR GMSS 31323.pdf (124.84 KB) PDF