DAIL Advisory Board 2019 Agendas, Handouts and Minutes


Below find 2019 DAIL Advisory Board monthly meeting agendas, handouts and minutes.
Select a month and see the available documents for that month's meeting.

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December 2019

Agenda for December 12, 2019

The Vermont Long-Term Care Ombudsman Project

Meeting Minutes for Deceber 12, 2019


November 2019

Agenda for November 14, 2019

Public Transit Policy Plan Project Summary

Public Transit Policy Plan PowerPoint

Conversation with the Commissioner

Electronic Visit Verification PowerPoint

National Core Indicator Powerpoint

November 2019 Meeting Minutes

October 2019

Agenda for October 10, 2019

Adult Protective Services Restorative Justice Grant Proposal

Conversation with the Commissioner

APS FY18 Annual Report

October 2019 Meeting Minutes

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September 2019

Agenda for September 12, 2019

COI Phase II Presentation

DDS Analysis of Solutions for COI

TBI Analysis of Solutions for COI

CFC Analysis of Solutions for COI

Meeting Minutes - September 2019


August 2019

No meeting - annual summer break

July 2019

Agenda for July 11, 2019

Conversation with the Commissioner

SFY20 Budget Highlights

Act 204 Legislation Outlining Director of Trauma Job Position

AHS Trauma-Informed Policy

Trauma and Resilience Slide Deck

July Meeting Minutes


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June 2019

Meeting cancelled


May 2019

Agenda for May 9, 2019

DAIL Advisory Board Application Timeline

April Draft Meeting Minutes

April 2019

Agenda for April 11, 2019

Long-Term Care Medicaid Eligibility Process

Alternatives to Guardianship Presentation

Alternatives to Guardianship for Financial Decisions

Information for Courts on Alternatives to Guardianship

Alternatives to Guardianship for Students and Families

Supported Decision Making Guide

Supported Decision Making for Educators

Consent to Authorize Advocacy and Release of Information

Supported Decision Making Agreement

Supported Decision Making for Education Form

March Meeting Minutes

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March 2019

Agenda for March 14, 2019

Choices for Care Program Page

Conflict Free Case Managment Stakeholder Engagement

Conflict Free Case Management Feedback Template

Choices for Care Regulation Draft Changes

Keeping the Promise - Self Advocates Defining the Meaning of Community Living

Choices for Care Regulation Summary - Summary of Draft Changes

February 14 Meeting Minutes


February 2019

Agenda for Feb. 14, 2019

CFC Program CFCM Summary

Conversation with the Commissioner

DAB Bad Weather Plan

DS Program CFCM Summary


TBI Program CFCM Summary

Presentation Conflict Free Case Management

Minutes of Dec. 13, 2018

SASH Slide Show


January 2019


Conversation with the Commissioner

Advisory Board Meeting Dates for 2019

2019 Advisory Board Bad Weather Plan

American Health Ranking's 2018 Report on Vermont Seniors

Disability Data Pages

December 2018 minutes (DRAFT)


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