Legislative Reports and Studies


Participant Directed Attendant Care report

Choices for Care Quarterly Budget v. Actual report - 9/2018

Communications Facilitator Program report

Choices for Care Savings - Calculating and Allocating Savings report - Sept. 15, 2018

Choices for Care Budget v Actual report for QE 6-30-2018

Annual report of the Deaf, DeafBlind and Hard of Hearing Advisory Council

Choices for Care Budget vs Actual report for QE 3-31-18

Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders report

Nursing Facility and Case-Mix report

Choices for Care Codification of Annual Savings Process report

Long-Term Care Ombudsman Annual report (submitted by VT Legal Aid)

Adult Protective Services Annual report



Annual Report on the Adequacy of VT's Choices for Care Provider System

Choices for Care Savings Report - September 2017

Powerpoint from Discussion of Population Indicators with Government Accountability Committee (Act 186)  (8/28/2017)

Population Indicators - Expanded Scorecards


Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders Report FY2016

Adult Protective Services Annual Report SFY2016

Choices for Care (CFC) Adequacy FY2016 Report

Home Delivered Meals Choices for Care (CFC) Report

Developmental Disabilities Services Annual Report SFY2016

Rate Setting: 2016 Medicaid Report


Choices for Care 2015 Adequacy Report (Annual Report)

Choices for Care Eligibility Process Review (One-Time Report)

Developmental Disabilities Services Division SFY2015 Annual Report

Division for Licensing and Protection Adult Protective Services SFY 2015 Annual Report

Long Term Care Ombudsman 2015 Annual Report

Concussion Task Force Report

Previous Years Significant Studies and Reports

Working Group Report on Protecting Older Consumers (January 2013)
This report contains a set of statutory and non-statutory recommendations to the Vermont Legislature on how to protect older Vermonters and, more generally, all Vermonters, from consumer fraud. The recommendations are those of a stakeholder group formed at the request of the Legislature in the spring of 2012.