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iCare Health Network Signals Purchase of Bennington Health & Rehab for Specialized Care

iCare Health Network Signals Purchase of Bennington Health & Rehab for Specialized Care

Waterbury, VT – Individuals in Vermont with complex care needs who struggled with in-State nursing facility placement will soon have another option in Vermont, subject to final state approval. The Department of Disabilities, Aging, & Independent Living (DAIL) issued a Request for Proposals in September 2022 for vendors interested in providing specialized care to Vermonters with complex care needs. Approximately 100 Vermonters are in hospitals, correctional facilities, or out-of-state facilities awaiting placement in a licensed nursing facility in Vermont. These individuals are currently unable to secure in-state placement due to their challenging and complex care needs and/or social or judicial history.

iCare Health Network, a Connecticut based skilled nursing and long-term care provider in operation for over 20 years was the selected vendor. The company has over 10 years’ experience in Connecticut and Massachusetts operating programs and nursing facilities that care specifically for individuals with specialized care needs who are difficult to place. iCare Health Network will be purchasing Bennington Health & Rehabilitation Center, a 91-bed licensed skilled nursing facility located in Bennington, Vermont.  This engagement will create an intentional model of nursing facility care to meet the needs of Vermonters who require complex care.

iCare Health Network will offer a model of care that supports people who need long- term, nursing home level of care in addition to mental health support, behavioral needs, and those with challenging social or justice-involved history. iCare is planning to commence accepting and transitioning new admissions under the name of MissionCare at Bennington, by the end of 2023, pending state approval of the nursing home transfer. As part of its model of care, iCare will also offer Medications for Opioid Use Disorder for residents in treatment. 

David Skoczulek, Vice President of Business Development and Communications, iCare Health Network: “For over a decade iCare has been a leading provider of long-term care for individuals who are challenging and complex to place including those with a behavioral health diagnosis, highly stigmatized and justice involved. We are committed to a safe, secure, stigma-free environment. We are very excited to be working with the State of Vermont on this project and bring iCare’s unique knowledge, skills, and experience to best serve Vermonters. “After assumption of operations at Bennington Health and Rehab we will be making changes and improvements to the property and campus, engaging and training staff on working with this population, working with current family and residents and planning for a full transition of the mission.”

Monica White, Commissioner, Vermont Department of Disabilities, Aging & Independent Living, stated: “We have seen an increase over the past several years in the number of Vermonters with significantly complex needs requiring skilled nursing who have been unable to find the right setting to receive that care within Vermont. I am extremely pleased that DAIL is partnering with iCare Health Network to seek to fill this gap in Vermont’s system of care. iCare Health Network is an established leader that has the required experience and skills to meet the complex care needs of Vermonters who require this level of care and will do so in a way that is person-centered, holistic and promotes a high quality of life.”

Megan Tierney-Ward, Deputy Commissioner, Department of Disabilities, Aging & Independent Living, added: “The Department of Disabilities, Aging & Independent Living is extremely pleased to be working to bring iCare Health Network to Vermont. Subject to the approval of iCare’s application for the Transfer of Nursing Home Ownership, iCare’s operations will commence by the end of the year. We look forward to offering Vermonters with complex needs, a new model of care that will allow them to remain in-state with an enhanced quality of life.”


About iCareiCare Health Network (IHN) provides management, operating and consulting services to skilled nursing facilities and other healthcare providers. Through its managed care centers, IHN offers a range of services including medical, short-term rehabilitation, long-term care, behavioral health, substance use management, care for the difficult to place and justice involved and memory care & support services. IHN manages 11 sites in Connecticut including seven Memory Care Centers, 60 West/MissionCare Health and a specialized skilled nursing site in western Massachusetts, MissionCare at Holyoke. IHN also offers LTC Integrity audit tools, outpatient and integrated therapy and rehabilitation through Touchpoints Therapy and specializes in healthcare real estate transactions and skilled nursing turnarounds.

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About the Department of Disabilities, Aging, & Independent Living (DAIL):

Our mission is to make Vermont the best state in which to grow old or to live with a disability - with dignity, respect, and independence.