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2023 Flood Response and Information

For drying shelters and other resources, visit VT 2-1-1 or dial 2-1-1.

For an informational vlog prepared on July 21, 2023 by DAIL's Director of Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and DeafBlind Services, go to YouTube:

The Severe Storm Recovery Resource Center from the Agency of Commerce and Community Development contains updated recovery information and links to resources, places to donate, and a list of helpful webinars.

• If rising water is approaching, leave.
• Evacuate over high ground and plan that route now for anytime there could be flooding.
• Never drive or walk through floodwaters. Strong currents or unseen washouts can sweep you and your car away.
• Turn off the circuit breaker in your home before you evacuate – if you can do so safely.
• Have a licensed electrician inspect your electrical system before you once again occupy your home if it has been flooded.
• If you are in a flood-prone area, or if you believe your home will be flooded, it is advisable to move valuables from your basement in case water enters your home.
• Check your insurance coverage now, and then contact your insurance company if you have damage.
If you need to evacuate someone:
• Prepare a “Go Bag” in advance to make the transition a little easier, as an evacuation might happen very suddenly.
* If helping another person, check to make sure items related to a person's specific support needs are with them. Examples: Sensory tools, sound blocking headphones, and communication tools and all medications in case they are unable to return home for a few days.
• Make sure to bring essential documentation including Contact Lists for support staff and emergency sheets for people receiving services.
• Include items to help pass the time while waiting to return home - these things can help reduce stress and anxiety. Examples: crosswords, books, deck of cards
• Vermont Emergency Management Facebook:
• VEM Twitter: @vemvt.
• Vermont Alert on Twitter (Road Closures and Weather Alerts): @VermontAlert
• 511 road closures on Twitter: @511VT
• 511 on the web:
• National Weather Service (NWS) Albany social media: or
• National Weather Service (NWS) Burlington social media: or
• Vermont river levels and forecast: