Category: Informational Resource
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DAIL Organizational Chart Commissioner's Group PDF icon DAIL_Org_Chart_CommGroup.pdf Informational Resource 09 Mar 2022 PDF
Enclosure - Additional Approved Waivers PDF icon Enclosure_Approved_Waivers_Upon_Request.pdf Informational Resource 30 Mar 2020 PDF
Guidance to N-95 Users for Respirator Disinfection PDF icon Guidance_to_N-95_Users_All_Sterilizers.pdf Informational Resource 23 Apr 2020 PDF
Public Consulting Group - Needs Assessment for Adults with I/DD RFP 306 PDF icon PCG Response to RFP# DDSD 306_Redacted.pdf Informational Resource 12 Apr 2021 PDF
Rick Manahan Award 2020: Hib Doe PDF icon Hib_Doe_Rick_Manahan_Award.pdf Informational Resource 03 Dec 2020 PDF
CCV and DAIL Partner for VocRehab Certification Program - February 2017 PDF icon VR_ACRE_Press_Release_2-2017.pdf Informational Resource 17 Aug 2017 PDF
Considerations for Reopening Senior Centers and OAA Nutrition Programs PDF icon Considerations_for_Reopening_Senior_Centers_and_OAA_Nutrition_Programs-5-13-20.pdf Informational Resource 15 May 2020 PDF
Schedule of HHA Public Hearing and Public Comment Period PDF icon SCHEDULE_OF_PUBLIC_HEARING_AND_PUBLIC_COMMENT_PERIOD.pdf Informational Resource 27 Sep 2018 PDF
VT Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired Plan PDF icon VT Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired Plan Informational Resource 24 Jun 2020 PDF
Guidance for Infection Control and PRevention of Coronavirus Disease in Nursing Homes PDF icon QSO-20-14-NH - REVISED 3-13-2020.pdf Informational Resource 16 Mar 2020 PDF