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Category: Legislative Testimony
Title File Category Date File Format
Role of Survery and Certification in Nursing Home Oversight (Jan. 4, 2018) Nursing_Home_Oversight_Testimony_1-2018.pdf (92.33 KB) Legislative Testimony January 9, 2018 PDF
S. 36 Testimony to House Judiciary Committee, April 4, 2023 S 36 Testimony to House Judiciary Committee_SuzanneLeavitt_DAIL4423.pdf (143.89 KB) Legislative Testimony PDF
S.66 Deaf and Hard of Hearing Testimony S.66Deaf021915.pdf (101.98 KB) Legislative Testimony March 16, 2017 PDF
Category: Informational Resource
Title File Category Date File Format
Sanders Senior Town Meeting Informational Flyers Sanders_Senior_Town_Meeting_Flyers.pdf (3.1 MB) Informational Resource March 16, 2018 PDF
SCAN Award Press Release SCAN_Press_Release.pdf (128.37 KB) Informational Resource August 24, 2017 PDF
Schedule of HHA Public Hearing and Public Comment Period SCHEDULE_OF_PUBLIC_HEARING_AND_PUBLIC_COMMENT_PERIOD.pdf (90.02 KB) Informational Resource September 27, 2018 PDF
Title File Category Date File Format
Sara Lane 2019 Professional of the Year Award Sara_Lane_BIAVT_Award_2019.pdf (129.18 KB) October 9, 2019 PDF
Category: Board-Commission Information
Title File Category Date File Format
SASH slide show SASH_slideshow.pdf (4.08 MB) Board-Commission Information March 1, 2019 PDF
School Age Subcommittee Meeting Minutes 4 25 2022 04 25 2022 Summary of DHHDB School Age Subcommittee Meeting.docx.pdf (86.04 KB) Board-Commission Information May 20, 2022 PDF
Category: Department Policies
Title File Category Date File Format
Schedule of Public Hearings and Comment Period for Nursing Home Proposed Rule Changes Schedule_Public_Hearings_and_Comment_Period_NursingHomeRuleChangeProposal.pdf (102.79 KB) Department Policies October 19, 2017 PDF