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Assistance Needed to Serve Positive COVID-19 Individuals

As part of Vermont’s COVID-19 response we are encountering a number of needs to serve COVID-19 positive individuals in Vermont’s most vulnerable populations. Some areas of current need are in Vermont’s long term care facilities, securing foster homes to provide short term care for youth who are COVID-19+, programs addressing food insecurity and shelter programs. All COVID-19+ situations will include appropriate PPE and applicable health/safety training. There are opportunities as well to serve Vermonters that are not COVID-19 positive in each.


The Medical Reserve Corps:

We have an urgent need for medical volunteers to help respond to the spread of COVID-19 in Vermont. If you are a healthcare professional (licensed or non-), person with a health care administration background, or have experience in working with displaced people, please considering registering so that we may use your skills. 

If you are interested in volunteering in the Medical Reserve Corps, follow this link.



Vermont DCF Foster Care:

You can help make sure children are safe and well cared for while they can’t be at home.

If you are interested in fostering a child, please follow this link.


General Volunteers:

Thank you for answering Governor Scott’s call for volunteers and being willing to help other Vermonters in this time of need. The COVID-19 pandemic is rapidly developing, so we are calling on Vermonters to sign up, let us know what skills they can offer, and be ready to serve if needed.  If we need you and your skills, we will be in touch. Our hope is to develop a large pool of people willing to help should any rapidly developing situation require additional volunteers.

If you are interested in volunteering, please follow this link.