Apprenticeship Proclamation

04 December 2018

On November 14th, 2018, Governor Scott held a press conference at the CCV main campus in Montpelier to sign a proclamation declaring the week of November 12-16 as Vermont Apprenticeship Week, coinciding with National Apprenticeship Week.

A VocRehab customer, Ben Brunk, and his employer, Casey Cota from Cota and Cota, a third-generation family-owned business, joined the press conference to highlight the value and importance of apprenticeships.  Ben shared his experience as a person in long-term recovery who was interested in finding a career path that would support his family and his recovery.

Through a connection to Cota and Cota developed by Cindy Delgatto, Business Account Manager in Brattleboro, Ben was quickly connected to Cota and Cota to explore an apprenticeship where he could gain new skills to prove his value as an amployee.  Through the support of VocRehab and his employer, Ben was able to gain skills in an occupation where he had no experience whatsoever, including the attainment of several endorsements and certifications in the fuel services industry.

After telling his story to the full room of dignitaries and reporters, Governor Scott presented Ben with a copy of the signed proclamation and the honary pen he used to sign it.

The video of Governor Scott making the presentation