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Category: Board-Commission Information
Title File Category Date File Format
Vermont Health Ranking Overall AHR-2017_Overall_Rank.pdf (128.59 KB) Board-Commission Information July 6, 2017 PDF
Vermont Long-Term Care Facilities Overview Vermont Long-Term Care Facilities Overview.pdf (94.26 KB) Board-Commission Information January 22, 2020 PDF
Vermont's Draft State Plan on Aging 2023 - 2026 DAIL Advisory Board_SPA Presentation.pdf (1.45 MB) Board-Commission Information May 4, 2022 PDF
Category: Department Report
Title File Category Date File Format
Vermont Nursing Facility Residents Days and Occupancy by Month VT-Nursing-Facility-Residents-Days-and-Occupancy-Month.pdf (730.47 KB) Department Report March 13, 2017 PDF
Category: Press kit
Title File Category Date File Format
Vermont Receives Visit From South Korean Association of the Vocational Rehabilitation Facilities for the Disabled Korean_visitors.pdf (156.66 KB) Press kit October 8, 2019 PDF
Vermont's Community Meals Program Press Release Feb19_NNM_Press_Release.pdf (180.26 KB) Press kit February 26, 2019 PDF
Category: Informational Resource
Title File Category Date File Format
Vermont Recognized by AARP as 3rd Nationwide in the Delivery of Long-Term Services and Supports Press_release_VT_Recognized_by_AARP.pdf (41.53 KB) Informational Resource June 27, 2017 PDF
Vermont State Plan for SCSEP 2-Year Modification SCSEP_4-yr_2020-2023-2-Year_Modification.pdf (1.26 MB) Informational Resource May 12, 2022 PDF
Vermont State Plan on Aging Year Two Progress Update Vermont_State_Plan_on_Aging_Year_Two_Progress_Update.pdf (644.58 KB) Informational Resource June 3, 2021 PDF
Vermont's 2018 State Plan on Aging Press_Release_Launch_New_State_Plan_on_Aging.pdf (42.84 KB) Informational Resource September 27, 2018 PDF