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Category: Board-Commission Information
Title File Category Date File Format
Nursing Homes Rules for Licensing and Operating NHOWG_Adopted Rule.pdf (2.31 MB) Board-Commission Information August 27, 2018 PDF
Office of Public Guardian Annual Report for FY2017 OPG_Annual_Report_SFY17.pdf (555.55 KB) Board-Commission Information January 4, 2018 PDF
Older Americans Act - Brief Overview 2018-09-07_OAA_SPA_Act172_Overview.pdf (671.07 KB) Board-Commission Information September 7, 2018 PDF
Older Americans Act Objectives OAA_Objectives.pdf (62.54 KB) Board-Commission Information November 7, 2018 PDF
Older Americans Month 2017 Input Handout Older_Americans_Month_2017_Input_Handout.pdf (352.27 KB) Board-Commission Information May 8, 2017 PDF
Older Vermonters Act Presentation DAB 2020_Older_Vermonters_Act_Presentation.pdf (3.72 MB) Board-Commission Information January 15, 2021 PDF
Older Vermonters Act Principles Older Vermonters Act Principles.pdf (106.91 KB) Board-Commission Information October 20, 2021 PDF
Category: Informational Resource
Title File Category Date File Format
Nutrition_FAQs_FINAL 3-12-2020 Nutrition Services Frequently Asked Emergency Management Questions – Updated to Address Issues Related to COVID-19 (171.81 KB) Informational Resource March 13, 2020 PDF
Title File Category Date File Format
October DAB Conversation with the Commissioner ConversationWithTheCommissioner_101019.pdf (148.57 KB) October 8, 2019 PDF
Category: Department Report
Title File Category Date File Format
Older Americans Act Nutrition Program Page 2017 OAA_Nutrition_Program_Page.pdf (98.36 KB) Department Report June 14, 2018 PDF