Category: Department Guideline
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COVID-19 Testing Guidance for DAs and SSAs PDF icon COVID-19 Testing Guidance for DAs and SSAs.pdf Department Guideline 23 Dec 2021 PDF
Category: Legislative Testimony
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Covid-19 Response and Relief - Testimony to HHC and HHS - 1/14/2021 PDF icon 1 14 21 SHW_ HC_HHS_CRF_DMH_DAIL testimony.pdf Legislative Testimony 15 Jan 2021 PDF
Category: Informational Resource
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COVID-19 Questions from Long-Term Care Providers PDF icon Long_Term_Care-Questions_and_Answers-03-10-2020.pdf Informational Resource 10 Mar 2020 PDF
COVID-19 Funeral Assistance Individuals and Households Program Interim Policy PDF icon COVID-19_Funeral_Assistance_Individuals_and_Households_Program_Interim_Policy.pdf Informational Resource 07 Apr 2021 PDF
COVID – 19 Return to Employment Services Assessment Tool PDF icon Return_to_Employment_Svcs_Assess_Tool_2020-05-27.pdf Informational Resource 08 Jun 2020 PDF
COVID Visual Tool for Deaf and Hard of Hearing PDF icon COVID_Visual_Tool_Deaf_VDH.pdf Informational Resource 01 May 2020 PDF
COVID Support VT Self-Care Tips and Resources Flier PDF icon COVID_Support_VT_Self_Care_Tips_and_Resources_Flier.pdf Informational Resource 28 Jul 2020 PDF
COVID Suppliers for Social Distancing and Barriers PDF icon COVID_suppliers_social_distancing_and_barriers.pdf Informational Resource 24 Feb 2021 PDF
COVID Guidance to Independent Employers and Employees PDF icon COVID_Guidance_to_independent_employers_and_employees-QRG.pdf Informational Resource 30 Apr 2020 PDF
COVID Guidance Regarding Job Placement Progressive Employment Activities PDF icon COVID_Guidance_Regarding_Job_Placement_Progressive_Employment_Activities_06222020-07172020.pdf Informational Resource 16 Jun 2020 PDF