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Category: Legislative Report
Title File Category Date File Format
Ombudsman Report (submitted by VT Legal Aid - 2016-2017) FY2017 Vermont Ombudsman Project Annual Report.pdf (920.95 KB) Legislative Report January 17, 2018 PDF
Category: Board-Commission Information
Title File Category Date File Format
Ongoing Financial Stability of Nursing Homes Ongoing_Financial_Stability_document.pdf (64.26 KB) Board-Commission Information November 21, 2018 PDF
OPG Discussion Points OPG_Topics_DAB.pdf (14.17 KB) Board-Commission Information March 12, 2017 PDF
OPG Regulations (Draft) OPG_Regs_draft.pdf (181.14 KB) Board-Commission Information March 12, 2017 PDF
Organ Donor Posters Poster_Organ_Donor.pdf (194.43 KB) Board-Commission Information May 4, 2018 PDF
Category: Informational Resource
Title File Category Date File Format
OPG Updated Temporary Guidelines-June 29, 2020 Temporary_OPG_Guidelines_Update-06-29-2020.pdf (116.33 KB) Informational Resource June 29, 2020 PDF
Optional Enhanced Interventions to Prevent SARS-CoV-2 Transmission in Vermont Skilled Nursing Facilities Enhanced_SNF_Interventions_Facilities-2020-05-11.pdf (217.8 KB) Informational Resource May 14, 2020 PDF
Organizational Chart Department Overview DAIL_DeptOverview_OrgChart_2.pdf (312.05 KB) Informational Resource August 2, 2019 PDF
OTC v. Prescription Hearing Aids one pager 10.10.2022 OTC v Prescription HA One Pager_2.pdf (185.56 KB) Informational Resource October 10, 2022 PDF
Outdoor Visitation Guidelines Outdoor_Visitation_Guidelines.pdf (214.55 KB) Informational Resource June 17, 2020 PDF