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Category: Informational Resource
Title File Category Date File Format
Memo for Critical Incident Reporting CIR_Reporting_01-05-22.pdf (176.99 KB) Informational Resource January 6, 2022 PDF
Memo to Partners Re: Personal Protective Equipment Conservation Measures Contingency Operations supply_memo_to_DAIL_Providers_Local_EMD_Contacts_3-20-20.pdf (591.7 KB) Informational Resource March 17, 2020 PDF
Memo to Skilled Nursing Facilities Re: Testing and Quarantining 11_10_20_MEMORANDUM_to_SNF_re_testing_and_quarantine_Final.pdf (117.16 KB) Informational Resource December 2, 2020 PDF
Message to Long-Term Care Providers Regarding Personal Protective Equipment message_to_LTC_providers_re_PPE.pdf (111.19 KB) Informational Resource March 21, 2020 PDF
Category: Board-Commission Information
Title File Category Date File Format
Memo_Room and Board Memo_Room and Board.pdf (136.25 KB) Board-Commission Information January 22, 2020 PDF
MFP DAIL Advisory Board Presentation mfp_dail_advisory_board_12102020.pdf (1.69 MB) Board-Commission Information January 15, 2021 PDF
MFP Update DAIL ADV Nov 2022 MFP Update (1.15 MB) Board-Commission Information PDF
Category: Department Report
Title File Category Date File Format
Methodology Report for Shaping the Future of Long Term Care methodology-rpt-shaping-future-2007.pdf (305.52 KB) Department Report March 12, 2017 PDF
MFP Cost for Success Executive Summary MFP_Cost_for_Success_Executive_Summary (002).pdf (95.84 KB) Department Report PDF
MFP Sustainability Plan VT_MFP_Sustainability_Plan_02052018.pdf (963.05 KB) Department Report February 28, 2018 PDF