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Category: Informational Resource
Title File Category Date File Format
Guidance and Recommended precautions for Home Settings DAIL_COVID19_Guidance_and_Recommended_Precautions_for_Home_Settings.pdf (298.92 KB) Informational Resource March 31, 2020 PDF
Guidance Document to Designated Agencies DMH_DDS_Guidance_to_DAs_Updated_Mar_24_2020.pdf (461.81 KB) Informational Resource March 23, 2020 PDF
Guidance for Home Health and Hospice June 23 2020 Guidance_for_Home_Health_and_Hospice_June_22.pdf (82.62 KB) Informational Resource November 5, 2020 PDF
Guidance for Infection Control and Prevention in Hospitals QSO_20_13_Hospitals_CAHs_REVISED.pdf (177.8 KB) Informational Resource April 2, 2020 PDF
Guidance for Infection Control and PRevention of Coronavirus Disease in Nursing Homes QSO-20-14-NH - REVISED 3-13-2020.pdf (151.93 KB) Informational Resource March 16, 2020 PDF
Guidance Information on N-95 Respirator Disinfection when Visibly Contaminated according to the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard. Guidance_to_N-95_Users_All_Sterilizers-Contaminated_Disposal.pdf (108.42 KB) Informational Resource June 8, 2020 PDF
Guidance on Visits from Home Heatlh and Hospice Staff Guidance on visits from HH and Hospice staff.pdf (124.52 KB) Informational Resource March 18, 2020 PDF
Guidance to N-95 Users for Respirator Disinfection Guidance_to_N-95_Users_All_Sterilizers.pdf (182.8 KB) Informational Resource April 23, 2020 PDF
Guide to packaging Cat B diagnostic sample poster Guide_to_Packaging_Cat_B_Diagnostic_Samples_Poster.pdf (897.7 KB) Informational Resource November 20, 2020 PDF
Category: Legislative Testimony
Title File Category Date File Format
H.112 Financial Records HHS Testimony HHS_Stuart_Testimony_H112_Access_Fin_Records_APS_Invest_01-26-2016.pdf (105.8 KB) Legislative Testimony March 16, 2017 PDF