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Category: Department Report
Title File Category Date File Format
Eldercare Clinician Program Page 2017 Eldercare_Clinician_Program_Page.pdf (95.26 KB) Department Report June 14, 2018 PDF
Category: Form
Title File Category Date File Format
Elections Accessibility for DHHDB ElectionsAccessibilityforDHHDB.pdf (147.38 KB) Form January 31, 2022 PDF
Category: Board-Commission Information
Title File Category Date File Format
Electronic Visit Verification Presentation EVV_Presentation_for_Stakeholders_1.4.pdf (455.18 KB) Board-Commission Information December 9, 2019 PDF
Enhanced Licensing Proposal for Ownership of Nursing Homes Enhanced Licensing Proposal.pdf (121.04 KB) Board-Commission Information December 5, 2018 PDF
Enhanced Licensing Proposal_revised 12-21-2018 Enhanced Licensing Proposal_revised.pdf (176.88 KB) Board-Commission Information December 19, 2018 PDF
Enhanced Residential Care Reference Table-Regulations Regulations_Table_for_ERC.pdf (118.82 KB) Board-Commission Information March 12, 2017 PDF
Category: Informational Resource
Title File Category Date File Format
Enclosure - Additional Approved Waivers Enclosure_Approved_Waivers_Upon_Request.pdf (80.76 KB) Informational Resource March 30, 2020 PDF
Essential Staff during COVID-19 Emergency DAIL_Essential_Person-03-30-20.pdf (163.96 KB) Informational Resource April 30, 2020 PDF
Essential Worker and Childcare Questions Essential_worker_childcare_Question.pdf (154.19 KB) Informational Resource April 2, 2020 PDF
Category: Legislative Studies
Title File Category Date File Format
Enhancing Social Connection Through Arts & Technology Enhancing_Social_Connection_through_Arts_Technology.pdf (7.75 MB) Legislative Studies July 6, 2022 PDF