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Category: Department Policies
Title File Category Date File Format
Code of Ethics Acknowledgement and Agreement Code_of_ethics_acknowledgement.pdf (110.62 KB) Department Policies March 2, 2018 PDF
Category: Legislative Report
Title File Category Date File Format
Codification of Choices for Care Annual Savings Process report Recommendations to Codify CFC Annual Saving Language.pdf (82 KB) Legislative Report January 16, 2018 PDF
Communications Facilitator Program report 2018 Communications_Facilitator_Program_Report_DPS-lead.pdf (151.48 KB) Legislative Report December 14, 2018 PDF
Concussion Task Force Report 11_25_13_Entire_Act68of2013_ConcussionReport.pdf (1.91 MB) Legislative Report March 13, 2017 PDF
Category: Board-Commission Information
Title File Category Date File Format
COI Phase II Presentation COInterst_Phase_II_DAIL_Presentation.pdf (988.27 KB) Board-Commission Information September 6, 2019 PDF
Commissioner Updates DAB November 2020 commissioner_updates.pdf (73.83 KB) Board-Commission Information January 15, 2021 PDF
Communications Update for DAIL Advisory Board Communications Update for DAIL Advisory Board 2-13-2020 no notes.pdf (594.88 KB) Board-Commission Information February 6, 2020 PDF
Conflict_Free_Case_Management_Feedback Conflict_Free_Case_Management_Feedback.pdf (85.08 KB) Board-Commission Information March 8, 2019 PDF
Category: Informational Resource
Title File Category Date File Format
College Scholarships for Deaf, Hard of Hearing, DeafBlind prospective students CollegeScholarships.pdf (233.43 KB) Informational Resource February 11, 2022 PDF
Considerations for Reopening Senior Centers and OAA Nutrition Programs Considerations_for_Reopening_Senior_Centers_and_OAA_Nutrition_Programs-5-13-20.pdf (618.41 KB) Informational Resource May 15, 2020 PDF