Category: Regulation
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Chart with Most Recent Changes (as of 6/27/17) to Final Proposed Rule PDF icon DDAct_Chart_with_Most_Recent_Changes_to_FinalProposedRule.pdf Regulation 30 Jun 2017 PDF
Category: Informational Resource
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COVID 19 Adult Day FAQ PDF icon FINAL_Adult_Day_FAQ _10.15.20.pdf Informational Resource 15 Oct 2020 PDF
Final ASD Guidance Memo on Independent Employers Paying People in the Home PDF icon Final_ASD_Guidance_Memo_on_Independent_Employers_Paying_People_in_the_Home-4-9-2020.pdf Informational Resource 10 Apr 2020 PDF
TBI Partnership Grant Award Press Release PDF icon TBI_Grant_Award_Press_Release6-2018.pdf Informational Resource 27 Jun 2018 PDF
Stay Savvy Vermont Press Release PDF icon Stay_Savvy_Vermont_press_release.pdf Informational Resource 18 Jan 2018 PDF
Across the Fence Interview on Elder Abuse Awareness PDF icon Across-the-Fence-Interview-Elder-Abuse-Awareness.pdf Informational Resource 09 Aug 2017 PDF
Category: Board-Commission Information
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Nursing Home Oversight Working Group Minutes 9-26-18 PDF icon MeetingMinutes_092618.pdf Board-Commission Information 17 Oct 2018 PDF
DAIL Advisory Board March 9, 2017 Earned Sick Time Rules PDF icon Earned-Sick-Time-Rules.pdf Board-Commission Information 02 Mar 2017 PDF
Information for Educators on Supported Decision-Making PDF icon INFORMATION_FOR_EDUCATORS_FINAL.pdf Board-Commission Information 05 Apr 2019 PDF
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DAIL Advisory Board Meeting Minutes - November 2019 PDF icon MeetingMinutes_111419.pdf 08 Jan 2020 PDF