Category: Press kit
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AARP Ranking Press Release PDF icon AARP_Ranking_Press_Release.pdf Press kit 05 Oct 2020 PDF
Vermont Receives Visit From South Korean Association of the Vocational Rehabilitation Facilities for the Disabled PDF icon Korean_visitors.pdf Press kit 08 Oct 2019 PDF
Category: Board-Commission Information
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Conversation with the Commissioner DAB 9-13-2018 PDF icon ConversationWithTheCommissioner_091318.pdf Board-Commission Information 11 Sep 2018 PDF
DAIL Advisory Board Agenda April 12, 2018 PDF icon Agenda_041218.pdf Board-Commission Information 04 May 2018 PDF
DHHDB School Age Subcommittee Transcript 3 7 2022 PDF icon DAIL DHHDB Council - School Age Subcommittee 03 07 2022.pdf Board-Commission Information 05 Apr 2022 PDF
DAIL Advisory Board Meeting Agenda for October 2021 PDF icon Agenda_101421.pdf Board-Commission Information 13 Oct 2021 PDF
Livable Communities Subcommittee Final Report PDF icon final-report-of-the-livable-communities-subcommittee-sept-2016.pdf Board-Commission Information 08 May 2017 PDF
Category: Informational Resource
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DAIL and DMH Letter to Vermont Courts PDF icon 3-20-20_DAIL_letter_to_courts.pdf Informational Resource 22 Mar 2020 PDF
Falls Prevention News Release Sept 2017 PDF icon Falls_Prevention_Press_Release_9-2017.pdf Informational Resource 29 Sep 2017 PDF
DDSD Covid 19 Relief for Shared Living Providers Q3-Q4 PDF icon DDSD_COVID19_Relief_for_Shared_Living_Providers_Q3-Q4_FY21.pdf Informational Resource 07 Apr 2021 PDF