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Memo to Partners Re: Personal Protective Equipment Conservation Measures Contingency Operations PDF icon supply_memo_to_DAIL_Providers_Local_EMD_Contacts_3-20-20.pdf Informational Resource 17 Mar 2020 PDF
Preventing and Address Burnout During COVID-19-Leaders PDF icon Preventing_and_Address_Burnout_During_COVID-19-Leaders_PUBLIC_7-8-20.pdf Informational Resource 09 Jul 2020 PDF
Govenor Declares March Senior Nutrition Month PDF icon Governor-Declares-March-Senior-Nutrition-Month.pdf Informational Resource 09 Aug 2017 PDF
Alzheimers Association Emergency Preparedness: Caring for persons living with dementia in a long-term or community-based care setting PDF icon ER_Preparedness_LT_and_CB_final.pdf Informational Resource 31 Mar 2020 PDF
DAIL Organizational Chart Commissioner's Group PDF icon DAIL_Org_Chart_CommGroup.pdf Informational Resource 09 Mar 2022 PDF
VT Demographic Projections Technical Appendix PDF icon VT_Demograpic_Projections_Technical_Appendix.pdf Informational Resource 07 Sep 2017 PDF
COVID Guidance to Independent Employers and Employees PDF icon COVID_Guidance_to_independent_employers_and_employees-QRG.pdf Informational Resource 30 Apr 2020 PDF
Estimated Reopening Dates for Adult Day Programs PDF icon Estimated_Reopening_Dates_for_Adult_Day_Programs-6-11-21.pdf Informational Resource 03 Jun 2021 PDF
Final Caregiver Month Press Release PDF icon 2020_11_09_Final_Caregiver_Month_Press_Release.pdf Informational Resource 12 Nov 2020 PDF
Press Release "Spirit of ADA" Awardees Announced PDF icon Press_Release_Spirit_ADA_Awards.pdf Informational Resource 25 Sep 2017 PDF