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Category: Press kit
Title File Category Date File Format
AARP Ranking Press Release AARP_Ranking_Press_Release.pdf (632.83 KB) Press kit October 5, 2020 PDF
Stay Savvy Vermont Episode Five - "She's Alive II" Stay_Savvy_Vermont_press_release_June-3-2019.pdf (254.24 KB) Press kit May 31, 2019 PDF
APS Restorative Justice Grant Press Release APS_Restorative_Justice_Grant_PR.pdf (623.14 KB) Press kit February 20, 2020 PDF
C19 Staffing Press Release 12-11-2020 C19_Staffing_Press_Release_12-11-2020.pdf (212.76 KB) Press kit December 11, 2020 PDF
Vermont Receives Visit From South Korean Association of the Vocational Rehabilitation Facilities for the Disabled Korean_visitors.pdf (156.66 KB) Press kit October 8, 2019 PDF
Help Guide Press Release Help_Guide_Press_Release_11.16.20.pdf (208.97 KB) Press kit November 16, 2020 PDF
Older Vermonters and Family Caregivers Encouraged to Take Survey to Help Develop Plan on Aging SPA_Survey_Press_Release.pdf (216.42 KB) Press kit October 1, 2020 PDF
Help Protect Your Brain By Protecting Your Body Press Release Help_Protect_Brain_By_Protecting_Body_Press_Release.pdf (208.68 KB) Press kit June 18, 2019 PDF
Falls Prevention Press Release Falls-Prevention-Press-Release.pdf (184.12 KB) Press kit April 30, 2019 PDF
Zero Project Press Release International_Zero_Project_Award.pdf (37.37 KB) Press kit March 27, 2017 PDF