Commissioner’s Message

Welcome from Commissioner Monica Caserta Hutt

Welcome to the Department of Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living's website.

At DAIL, we believe that our work benefits all of Vermont because our communities are stronger and better when every member is included, when every member’s gifts and strengths are utilized and appreciated and when we are able to see ourselves at every stage of our life and regardless of our abilities as part of a robust, vibrant and supportive community. That is truly the Vermont way.

We have a great deal to celebrate and to be proud of. Across all five of our divisions, and in our work together on behalf of and with Vermonters, we continue to prioritize choice, independence and meaningful inclusion in community as the cornerstones for the work we do. As we continue to mature in that philosophy, we recognize that honoring choice means that we must continue to adapt and respond to changing needs and be willing to take some risks, support new innovations and maintain a focus on outcomes.

None of what we do could be accomplished without the relationships we have with our community provider system and our many partnerships across state and federal government, with the legislature and the Executive branch. We also rely on our self-advocates, our stakeholders, and the families who challenge us to rise above what we think is possible. And the work would grind to a halt without the dedicated, passionate staff that power DAIL daily.

Please check out the DAIL Annual Report for more highlights about our programs, stories of accomplishment and success and for facts and figures about the populations we serve here in Vermont.