Category: Board-Commission Information
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DAIL Advisory Board Conversation with Commissioner Hutt May 11, 2017 PDF icon Conversation_With_Commissioner-05-11-2017.pdf Board-Commission Information 16 May 2017 PDF
DAIL Advisory Board January 14, 2016 State of the State PDF icon 2016_State_of_the_State_Final.pdf Board-Commission Information 01 Mar 2017 PDF
Office of Public Guardian Annual Report for FY2017 PDF icon OPG_Annual_Report_SFY17.pdf Board-Commission Information 04 Jan 2018 PDF
DAIL Advisory Board June 9, 2016 VT Rankings PDF icon VermontRankings_2016.pdf Board-Commission Information 02 Mar 2017 PDF
Category: Regulation
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Regulations Implementing the Developmental Disabilities Act of 1996 PDF icon Regs_Implem_DD_Act1996_2011.pdf Regulation 13 Mar 2017 PDF
Developmental Disabilities Act Proposed Changes (after Legislative Committee on Administrative Rule) PDF icon DDAct_Regulations_post_LCAR.pdf Regulation 29 Jun 2017 PDF
Category: Legislative Report
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Concussion Task Force Report PDF icon 11_25_13_Entire_Act68of2013_ConcussionReport.pdf Legislative Report 13 Mar 2017 PDF
Choices for Care Quarterly report for QE12-31-2017 Budget vs. Actual PDF icon CFC_QE12-31-17_budget_vs_actuals_report.pdf Legislative Report 30 Jan 2018 PDF
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Across the Fence: Celebrating Older American's Month - Age Out Loud PDF icon Across-the-Fence-Age-Out-Loud.pdf 09 Aug 2017 PDF
Category: Legislative Testimony
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H.555 House Judiciary Follow-up Testimony Feb 2014 PDF icon hse-judiciary-testimony-folup021814-h555.pdf Legislative Testimony 16 Mar 2017 PDF