Category: Board-Commission Information
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DAIL Advisory Board March 9, 2017 Choices for Care Moderate Needs Summary PDF icon Choices_for_Care_Moderate_Needs_Group.pdf Board-Commission Information 02 Mar 2017 PDF
Agenda for DAB September 14, 2017 PDF icon Agenda_091417.pdf Board-Commission Information 08 Sep 2017 PDF
Public Retirement Working Group PDF icon Public_Retirement_Working_Group.pdf Board-Commission Information 10 Mar 2017 PDF
DAIL Advisory Board July 14, 2016 OPG Statutory Excerpts PDF icon Statutory_Excerpts.pdf Board-Commission Information 07 Sep 2016 PDF
DAIL Advisory Board Conversation with Commissioner Hutt 10-12-2017 PDF icon ConversationWithTheCommissioner_101217.pdf Board-Commission Information 06 Oct 2017 PDF
Livable Communities Subcommittee Final Report PDF icon final-report-of-the-livable-communities-subcommittee-sept-2016.pdf Board-Commission Information 08 May 2017 PDF
DAIL SFY18 Budget Summary with Legislative Changes PDF icon SFY18_Budget_Summary_with_Legislative_Changes.pdf Board-Commission Information 05 Jun 2017 PDF
Category: Department Policies
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DAIL Organizational Chart Commissioner's Group PDF icon DAIL_Org_Chart_Comm_Group_02-17-2017.pdf Department Policies 20 Mar 2017 PDF
Category: Department Report
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Governor's Commissioin on Health Aging Recommendations Report PDF icon Gov_Comm_on_Healthy_Aging_report.pdf Department Report 12 Mar 2017 PDF
Annual Report 2016 Success Stories PDF icon DAIL_Success_Stories.pdf Department Report 26 Feb 2017 PDF