Category: Board-Commission Information
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Older Vermonters Act Working Group Member Role PDF icon OVAWG_Member_Role.pdf Board-Commission Information 30 Aug 2018 PDF
UMass Data Report on Population and Utilization Projections (appendix) PDF icon UMass_Data_Report_Appendix.pdf Board-Commission Information 08 Sep 2017 PDF
DAIL Advisory Board April 13, 2017 Agenda PDF icon DAIL_Advisory_Board_Agenda_041317.pdf Board-Commission Information 08 May 2017 PDF
Rate Setting Presentation PDF icon Rate_Setting_Presentation.pdf Board-Commission Information 12 Mar 2017 PDF
AHPA 2016 National Directory PDF icon AHPA_2016_National_Directory.pdf Board-Commission Information 13 Sep 2018 PDF
DAIL Advisory Board February 9, 2017 DAIL Dates of Recognition PDF icon DAIL_Dates_of_Recognition.pdf Board-Commission Information 22 Feb 2017 PDF
DAIL Advisory Board Agenda Nov. 09, 2017 PDF icon Agenda_110917.pdf Board-Commission Information 02 Nov 2017 PDF
DAIL Advisory Board Conversation with Commissioner Hutt May 11, 2017 PDF icon Conversation_With_Commissioner-05-11-2017.pdf Board-Commission Information 16 May 2017 PDF
Category: Informational Resource
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Senior Community Services Employment Program VT State Plan 2016-2019 PDF icon SCSEP_Modified_PY_2016-2019_Plan_4-04-18.pdf Informational Resource 05 Apr 2018 PDF
Category: Public Records Requests Document
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Green Dolphin Proposal - July 2014 PDF icon Green_Dolphin_Proposal_7-2014.pdf Public Records Requests Document 23 May 2018 PDF