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Developmental Disabilities Services Legislative Work Group

Thank you for visiting DAIL's Developmental Disabilities Services Legislative Work Group web page. This page is devoted to providing members of the Work Group and the many other people interested in developmental disabilities throughout Vermont with communication, resources, and news related to the work of this group. If you have questions about the work group or any of the materials on this page, please contact Tina Royer at 871-3065.

Legislative Charge: The Developmental Disabilities Services Work Group was established by the 2013 General Assembly to:

  • Assess whether Developmental Services case planning should be revised;
  • Assess alternative practices that could be more cost-effective;
  • Determine what changes can be implemented in State Fiscal Year(SFY) 2014 to manage within appropriated funds;
  • Identify the SFY 14 amount of budgetary management that will be accomplished through the existing Developmental Services State System of Care Plan rescission process; and
  • Identify cost-effective and innovative models of providing services.

The findings from the work group will be reported to the Legislative Joint Fiscal Committee at its September 2013 meeting and will be used to inform those working on the new Developmental Services State System of Care Plan for June, 2014 on their findings and recommendations.

Act 50 - Disabilities, Aging, and Independent Living - Developmental Services


Sent on behalf of Department of Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living Commissioner Susan Wehry

This document was presented by Stephanie Barrett from the Joint Fiscal Office at the July meeting of the Joint Fiscal Committee.  It is a good summary of the fiscal pressures on our DS program (a savings target of $2.2Million PLUS the possibility of additional pressures which could range from $1M to 2.5 M)  Clearly, our work is cut out for us.  Department staff are working on organizing the many great recommendations that were discussed at the August 7 Developmental Services Legislative Work Group meeting and will be sending a DRAFT report to members early next week so that members can share the draft with the groups and organizations they represent and bring feedback to our final meeting on August 27th so that we can finalize the recommendations that will be presented to the Joint Fiscal Committee at their September meeting.  In reviewing the recommendations received so far, there are several with the potential for long-term benefits, but only a few recommendations to respond to the charge of the work group to “determine what changes could be reasonably implemented in Fiscal Year 2014 to manage the service needs within the appropriated funds…”  To this end, please send any additional recommendations you may have to Interim DDSD Director Camille George as soon as possible so that they can be incorporated into the DRAFT report that will be sent out next week.  Thank you.

Developmental Disabilities Joint Fiscal Committee Testimony







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Doug Racine

Office of the Secretary

Susan Wehry

Department of Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living

James A. Caffry, Esq.

Caffry Law, PLLC,

Cheryl Phaneuf

Developmental Disabilities Council

Stirling Peebles

Montpelier, VT 

Marie Zura

Howard Center

Nicole LeBlanc

Green Mountain Self-Advocates

Susan Yuan

Center on Disability and Community Inclusion

William Ashe

Upper Valley Services

Jackie Rogers

Department of Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living