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  • The Developmental Disabilities Act of 1996 Amended Booklet
    The Vermont Legislature enacted a new law about services for people with developmental disabilities during its 1996 session. The law went into effect July 1, 1996. This booklet summarizes the key points; a copy of the complete statute is available online from the legislative website.
  • Report to the General Assembly of the State of Vermont on Offenders with Developmental Disabilities: Legislative and Programmatic Recommendations (January 2001)
    This is a report to the Legislature on current programs and laws for offenders with developmental disabilities in Vermont. The report summarizes the constitutional framework and analyzes the effectiveness of current laws relating to offenders with developmental disabilities. The report also contains the results of a study of all offenders with developmental disabilities currently served by the Developmental Services system, including the numbers of individuals served and the types of programs that support them. The report concludes that current programs have been generally effective in protecting public safety, but that these programs need infrastructure strengthening. The report also contains recommendations for amendments to "Act 248," the commitment law for individuals with developmental disabilities.



  • Administrative Rules on Agency Designation (June 2003)
    These administrative rules governing the selection of designated agencies outline the requirements an agency must meet in order to be designated (or re-designated), the responsibilities of agencies that are designated, and the process for designation, re-designation and de-designation.


  • Developmental Disability Act of 1996
    Below are previous versions of the Developmental Disability Act of 1996 for reference only. These are copies of the actual regulations implementing the Developmental Disabilities Act of 1996. They include definition of developmental disability, criteria for being a "recipient"; certification; application, assessment and notification; periodic review; recipients who are able to pay; special care procedures; complaint procedures and training.


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